Hire us to bring our skills to your event or office. We offer chair or table 15-90 minute sessions at any location.
We’ve had experience doing on-site bodywork in many situations:
  • backstage at concerts
  • spa parties
  • nightclubs and raves
  • photo/film shoots
  • corporate offices
  • dance studios
  • sport events
Give your staff a perk that has been proven to increase endurance, decrease occurrence of repetitive strain, decrease stress and help your team get through a tough project.
Click here to download letters of recommendation from current and previous clients.
“Die Arbeit von Annie und Christian wurde von Beginn an mit Begeisterung aufgenommen und wird mittlerweile von allen Mitarbeitern genutzt. Durch das positive Feedback können wir bereits heute sagen, dass das Angebot einen sehr positiven Einfluss auf die Arbeitsmoral, Kreativität und Produktivität unserer Mitarbeiter hat. Annie und Christian führen ihre Arbeit sehr professionell und kompetent durch. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass die Büromassagen von Forest of Arden Healing Arts für jedes Unternehmen bereichernd sind.”– Norman Frischmuth, Geschäftsführer proventis GmbH
“Visual effects artist teams typically work very long hours and often more than five day weeks. Everything that we (management) can do to help our team manage their stress and practice self-care is a significant factor in our successful delivery of many top projects. We found that regular massage helped our
workers focus better and that they work more productively with this benefit. Our concern for their well being and stress management in addition to the (obvious) interest in their productivity was well-received and appreciated by the artist team.
Annie is not only professional and friendly but she is an incredibly talented masseuse. I recommend her highly and without reserve!” -Eliza Pelham Randall, VFX Supervisor/Executive Producer
“I had the occasion in my role as a promoter representative for Goldenvoice LLC to hire Ms. Barker to provide bodywork and massage treatments for some of the leading musicians touring. In her time providing services to these highly demanding and selective clients, I received only compliments on the ability and quality of the work that Ms. Barker provided. For musicians who require a masseuse to be present at every stop on their tour, to pause and compliment her work speaks volumes as to her abilities and skills. I was fully confident that she would provide the highest quality professional service to both world renown artist as well as the bus driver that brought them to my venue.”– Nathan Wildauer, JD